Cavity Tray Cleaner 30 Meter Set

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Cavity Tray Cleaner 30m Set includes – 60x middle sections plus 3x handle end 3x scorpion ends 2x carry Bags.

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Cavity Tray Cleaner 30 Meter Set – 47mm width for 50mm cavity

2x Carry Bags (1x Small Set Carry Bag & 1x Large Set Carry Bag)
60x middle sections
3x handle end
3x scorpion end


Designed to rest within the cavity, on top of the cavity tray, the Cavity Tray Cleaner is a tool that enables the collection of fallen mortar between cavities of newly built walls.

The design is formed from a train-like mould, that connects in a series. It is erectable and collapsible within minutes, with strong male and female profiles to keep the Cavity Tray Cleaner in one piece. Designed with a scorpion-like tail, which ensures mortar doesn’t track back into the tray.

The Cavity Tray Cleaners are manufactured in UK using Recycled Plastic.

Cavity Tray Cleaner 360 degree images

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 64 × 56 × 43 cm


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